Why should you get Artix instead of [insert other Linux distro here]?

To start off, their entire selling point is "we're Arch without systemd", and for good reason too. Systemd is bloat and slow and should be avoided, and runit is your best option. I've used OpenRC and it rapes your computer with double logins. (edit 8 May 2021) and runit is the best init if you're going the graphical ISO route (OpenRC raped my computer with double logins on graphical), while OpenRC is best if you're going the base ISO route (runit on base was a pain in the ass to deal with where wi-fi was concerned). (edit 3 June 2021) Systemd is definitely slower and more bloated, but I ditched OpenRC because it was being too low-functioning autistic for my liking (it breaks my desktop and sheeeit). Runit is the superior init, and graphical ISOs are the way to go. S6 is some obscure init and I'm not gonna play with it.

Corpos and their normie distros (like Ubuntu and Fedora) are pretty gay in general and Arch as a whole is much more community maintained, so Artix would be just a smaller community, with smaller maintenance, and even less issues maybe a couple more issues than upstream Arch at worst, and at best the same amount of issues (even though Arch pretty much has no issues that their users don't bring upon themselves).

KDE is the best desktop environment No it isn't, I'm not one of those KDE shills. At least not anymore, I used to be because "muh modern desktop design with trad layout", but that's in the past. Cinnamon beats all (edit 8 May 2021: where traditional desktop layouts are concerned; if you install from base then throw Gnome 40 on your computer, it's actually a nice DE compared to its predecessor AKA Gnome 3.38) because it's not so much of a pain in the ass to customise (edit 8 May 2021: Gnome is a pain to customise beyond simple tasks but the default settings look good anyway). (edit 3 June 2021) I'm deleting this entire DE section because to be honest, I'm indecisive on desktop environments.

The AUR outclasses all other repositories as it ascended beyond normal repository status and turned itself into a massive app store that uses PKGBUILDs and binaries. Pamac is the most based and redpilled GUI frontend for the AUR, and can still give you all of the good apps from the official repositories for your Artix system. (edit 3 June 2021) No it isn't, keep reading.

If you do use Pamac, just make sure you enable AUR support in Pamac and switch out the Artix verion of the Appstream app data for the AUR version (as of 3 June 2021, maybe they'll fix it in the future).

Therefore, if you don't get Artix, you're cringe, you're bluepilled, and you're a retard. And if you're too much of a pussy to get your hands dirty with Artix right from the start, try some beginner distro like Manjaro I'm kidding, the only good thing Manjaro did was make Pamac. (edit 3 June 2021) Anyway I ditched Pamac, terminal updating is the best way where Arch is concerned, and it's easy. Try it. Also Artix is a good beginner distro IF YOU DOWNLOAD THE GRAPHICAL ISO.

Oh and if you have issues with Artix (like I do on the occasion), go to the forums and find your solutions there.

(additional note 3 June 2021) I want to install a gaming emulator on Artix but I can't get a PS4 controller to work on Artix, methinks it has something to do with systemd because I tried installing a package that would have probably fixed the issue, and failed at that because I needed systemd. Might see what the issue is, and if I can't get a PS4 controller to work I'll try something like EndeavourOS (basically Artix but systemd) and see if it works on there. If I ever try it, a side article on why EndeavourOS is the second best distro might be going up.